Maxim Bulanov

I am an educator, researcher and lecturer, educational media creator, host and event moderator.
I am interested in: educational urban studies and urbanism, tactical urbanism, individualized and personalized learning, digital learning, individual media space, interdisciplinary research and project-based learning, place-based learning, academic success coaching, individual digital strategies, documentary dramaturgy, photography and video art.
Projects and initiatives
My goal is to help students learn what they are really interested in and need for their own development.
I want as many educators as possible to share this goal.
I am an expert in the laboratory of socio-cultural educational practices at Moscow City Pedagogical University, I conduct research work and teach in the master's program "Educator-researcher of the urban environment." I also teach programs at the Institute of Education of the Higher School of Economics.
Educational Media Creator
I host my personal blog and podcast "Childless Tutor", author and host of two seasons of the RBC podcast "It's impossible to write off", I develop the concepts of media projects to order, for example, I made a talk show for Foxford "Life without the Unified State Examination", I act as an interviewer and presenter at conferences and workshops.
MOOC creator
In collaboration with excellent experts, I made five online courses for popular platforms: about media in the classroom at OpenEdu, about media literacy for the Higher School of Economics, about individualizing lessons on Coursera (in the spring of 2022 blocked due to hostilities in Ukraine) and Yandex, about classroom management at Foxford. I also composed and conducted an online podcasting workshop for educators from several countries around the world.
Event and Workshop facilitator
and moderator
I write scripts for reflective and design sessions, I facilitate group work at training courses, conferences and educational events. He did it for GasPromNeft, Goethe Institute, PromSvyazBank, Ural Industrial Biennale, Oxford-Russian Fundn, EdCrunch, MMSO, MARCH Lab, etc.
I evaluate projects at the All-Russian professional competitions
I took part in the evaluation of the projects of the contestants in the programs of the Rybakov Foundation, the Competition of Educational Innovations (HSE) , the Oxford-Russian Fund Scholarship Program "Tutor at the Russian University".
I run the "Childless Tutor" blog, where I talk about what is happening in my career and life, share useful links on education.
Listen to my podcast: interviews with russian and american educators.
On my channel, I collect playlists with my speeches and playlists with interesting materials on the topic of education. Come on, subscribe.
Telegram blog
Me on the web
Who did I work with and what did I do
After I quit school (yes, I worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature), I began to do what I called a freelance-educator. Since 2013, I have tried and mastered different things: tutoring in non-institutional forms of education, event management, online (webinars, distance courses and MOOCs) and offline courses production, conferences and creative sessions, was a program director at an international conference, a member of the jury of an all-Russian competition "TOP-School", supervised the competition of the Oxford-Russian Fund "Tutor at the Russian University" and even was the host of the radio "MAYAK" and the podcast "It will not work to write off" on RBC Trends.

For titration and contacts

Maxim Bulanov, expert of the laboratory of socio-cultural educational practices of the Moscow State Pedagogical University, co-founder of the projects PLACE: and the Rozetka educational bureau, Fulbright scholarship holder 2019-2020

I will be glad to cooperate with similar projects.
I work under a contract. I do not provide services of a babysitter, tutor, nanny. I do not work with children with disabilities, but I know those who work, and I will be happy to introduce you. I work with teenagers from 12 years old, students and adults.
+7 926 421-77-39
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